Recommendations on Medium, Why?

David Raygoza Gómez
2 min readJul 31, 2022

Update 11-August-2022
Well, Medium listened :P — as far I can tell the Following tab shows the posts on reverse chronological order.

I don’t know you but I’m getting really tired of this push for algorithmic recommendations, normally I can just let it pass if we still have a way to get the reverse chronological feed but with the latest (At the time of this writing July 30 2022) Medium update even the following and tag tabs started doing that.

I think that’s a BAD idea because the algorithm used by Medium *hides* entries, for example

My Following tab

So no one I’m following have posted anything called “Ashes to Ashes” in the last 4 days right?, I mean I have a story posted 4 days ago there..

Ashes to Ashes posted yesterday

Except that someone I follow did posted an story called that yesterday

So yeah, the following tab doesn’t show you the latest posts from the people you’re following, Then what is it’s function?

Also I still don’t get why the following tab uses the algorithmic recommendations, more so if that means *ignoring* post from the people I *follow*

So I ask the new Medium boss Mr Tony Stubblebine , What’s going on? Why the following tab doesn’t show the stories from those I follow? Why there is no option to set it to reverse chronological ?, What makes you believe the algorithm does a better job that me selected what I find interesting ?



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