Feedly Mastodon Integration

Sharing to Mastodon from Feedly

Do you use the RSS reader Feedly?, do you use Mastodon?, Did you know you can share from Feedly directly to Mastodon?, Let’s see how

Feedly Settings

1 — Go to Preferences -> Saving and Sharing

Mastodon Sharing

2 — Enable Mastodon Share and input the complete URL(including https://) of your Mastodon Instance

Article on Feedly with a Share on Mastodon Icon on the top toolbar

3 — Press the Mastodon Logo in the article

After Clicking the Share on Mastodon icon

4 — This will open the post dialog so you can add hashtag and other info

Article Shared on Mastodon

5 — Press the Post button to share on Mastodon, it will be on your profile

Hope this is helpful :)



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