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David Raygoza Gómez
3 min readJul 31, 2022
Algorithm no more

Well, as we see previously the following tab is not going to help us to see the stories from those who we follow :P, so are we at the mercy of the all mighty algorithm and we shall bow to it?

Of course not

One good thing of Medium is that the standard W3C web feed is implemented on all the blog, the Good old RSS, this is a system which creates a file with the latest content on a particular website, like a Medium blog, which can be access by a RSS reader to show you and notify you of updates in the order they happen sidelining the algorithm completely. How do we use it?

Getting a RSS Reader

Well first we need a RSS Reader, plenty to find on several platforms some recommendations:

Any of those will do the trick plus a plenty of more options available on all Operating Systems.

Using a RSS reader along Medium

The interfaces will be different in each case but the basis the is the same, you only need to add the URL of the user you want to the app.

First copy the URL of the user you want to follow

The URL is in the bar

Then add it to the reader

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